Coach Casey Beckley

My Approach

This can be summed into three words: Progression, Personalization, and Transformation. These will be the cornerstone of any quality program or coaching philosophy.Progression. The process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state.Personalization. To mark something in a way that shows it belongs to a particular person. To change or design for a particular person.Transformation.  During the journey of meeting any goal, we should expect to be changed from the process. I hope that people who are coached by me reach their performance and fitness goals, as well as genuine life change.

My Resumé

  • Division 1A College Swimmer
  • 2001 First Marathon 4:26
  • 2015 Personal Best 2:59
  • Spartan Racer
  • Olympic Distance Triathlete
  • Boston Marathon Qualifier and Finisher
  • Dr. Jack Daniels Endurance Specialist
  • USA Track and Field Certified Coach
  • Masters of Arts, Adult Education, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School